Dear colleagues,
I am thankful to all the members of Sociological Society, Himachal Pradesh for reposing faith in me to be the President of the society. The formation of society / association is primarily to promote its objectives to arrive at its goals envisaged in its mission envisioned by its founders. It would be my sincere endeavor to achieve the desired mission of my might and commitment to prove worthy of this incumbency entrusted upon. The aim of Sociological Society, Himachal Pradesh is to offer intellectual forum to the scholars to participate in the issues of sociological concerns, with an aim to contribute towards the development of Sociology not necessarily in the confines to the State but cutting across the geographical and social boundaries. Since this is an era of participatory and inclusive growth approach and therefore role of my member partners is as crucial and very much warranted to meet the desired end. All of us will put our heads together to make the subject to reach to the pinnacle of glory. I look forward to a productive successful tenure of my Presidency and invite all of you to involve and participate to achieve the goals of the society.

With warm wishes and best regards.

Dr. Ruchi Ramesh
President SSHP